SEO Academy – All You Need To Know About SEO

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Positron is all about tracking your keyword search rankings. But how do you improve the ranking of your website? This series will show you the principles of Search Engine Optimization.

Why is it important to rank high? Because you have 3 main traffic sources: Paid advertising, word-of-mouth, and visitors from search engines. To maximize your sales, you need to control all three of them.

The guide is separated into multiple articles. We start with the big picture, continue with the basics and dig a bit deeper in the end. To get you a useful and lasting knowlegde, I'll focus on the things that don't change with each update of Googles ranking algorithms.

You want to learn how to rank better with your website?

  • 1. The Basics
  • 2. How To Optimize Your Content
  • 3. More Detailed Techniques
  • 4. How To Find The Right Keywords
  • 5. Multi Language Content

I'm writing this guide right now (Oct, 2015). The unlinked parts will be online within the next weeks — join the mailing list to be the first who knows.