Sell more with better Search Rankings

Positron monitors your website's position for all keywords

You run an online business? A main factor for revenue is your position in the search results – Positron monitors your keyword rankings daily.

Track Your Search Rank

Positron automatically monitors all keywords for your website. It checks their positon every day and gives you a nice, clean and super-fast interface to manage the results.

Stay Informed & See Your History

Get notified about all important changes of your keyword positions. You can easily browse the entire history and see what changed over time.

Know About Your Competitors

See how your competitors do by simply tracking their search engine rankings, too. So you always know when there is additional work to do.

Analyze Your Optimizations

See which keywords do better or worse over time. Use this knowledge to decide where to optimize next – and which strategies are working at all.

Save time and let Positron keep an eye on your keyword rankings

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Overview your keywords

Just add all keywords for your website and get a nice overview.

See how they rank in different countries in the Google search.

Certainly you can add as many websites and competitors as you want to.

Now let our keyword position checker do its job.

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Analyze the data

Get more than just the first position of your keyword in the search results.

Positron shows you how many and which URLs are in the search results.

Browse the history of your rankings and see how you're doing over time.